Jessica van de Venis a Dutch ceramic designerliving and working in Rotterdam. Prior to her career as a ceramic designershe studied fashion at the Willem de Kooning Academyand worked as a fashion-and product-designer for various brands. 

Recentlyshe switched to designing and handcraftingceramics and is nowadaysspecialised in the making of functional waresand design-objects. 

She draws on influences from art, craft and design, combining precise craftmanship with a modern design process. Her fresh takeon ceramics iscontemporary and endlessly changing. Driven by the search for new and interesting forms, as well as the exploration of materials and techniques. Jessica creates waresand design-objects in stoneware and porcelain that are refined, decorativeand functional. She uses various techniques, slib-casting, wheelthrowing, handbuilding and combinations of these techniques.

The porcelain, stoneware and glazes are made in house, using locally (european) sourced ingrediënts that are non-toxic and leadfree. All material is reused, leaving waste to a minimal. The firing is done by using green electricity.The focus is on materiality and tactility resulting ia a series of handmade collections, both artful and useful.

Photography credits